3-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Escape Safety Device USB Phone Charger

3-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Escape Safety Device USB Phone Charger, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Breaker – 2 Port Fast-Charging USB Car Charger Emergency Car Tool with Blade & Tungsten Tip, 1.29 x 2.69 in


⭐ 3X HANDY TOOL – Discover the device that charges your phone AND keeps you prepared for crises!

⭐ BREAK FREE IN NO TIME – Get out fast by using the glass breaker’s powerful tungsten metal tip!

⭐ CUTS FABRIC, NOT FINGERS – Our blade’s placement ensures your fingers’ safety, even during slicing.

⭐ HIGHLY COMPATIBLE CHARGE – Enjoy the fast-charging performance with nearly all your USB-powered devices!

⭐ SECURE SATISFACTION – Stay charged and ready for any car emergency with our lifetime warranty!

Discover the Car Charger That Makes All the Difference

Enjoy car rides with friends and family or your daily commute to work with the assurance and convenience of your car escape tool! Tripling as a multi-compatible charger, an emergency window hammer, and a seatbelt cutter, this car charger is the handy car safety companion that lets you drive without worry.

Break To Safety Instantly with Tungsten

Known for its incredible hardness and strength, your car window breaker’s tungsten tip pinpoints your car windows’ weaknesses so you can shatter the glass with little effort and make a quick escape.

Revives Your Device Without Frying It

Plug in your device and trust your charger’s circuit protection. This car charger not only charges 2 phones at once, but does it safely, so you don’t have to stress about damage, whether you’re charging a phone, mp3 player, or tablet.

A Single Slice to Freedom

After a crash, your seat belt could stay locked in place, trapping you in your seat. But with your safety cutter in front of you, you’ll have easy access to a sharp blade that cuts seamlessly through even the thickest seat belts.

A Multitude of Matches

You may begin to wonder what device this charger DOESN’T work with! Our 2 port car charger is compatible with nearly all USB charging devices, including most iPhones, Samsung smartphones, Notes, Motorola Droids, and LGs, as well as some cameras and tablets!

Emergency Aid in Seconds

Studies estimate that every driver gets in an accident at least 4 times in their lifetime. Because driving can be dangerous, you can never be too prepared. Invest in Yesindeed’s reliable 3-in-1 window breaker, seat belt cutter, and phone charger, and invest in the help that’s always there if you need it.

Sleek and Understated

Enjoy the satiny grey finish of your iPad charger, confident it will complement your car’s interior!

Awesome LED Illumination

Appreciate a phone charger that does the job and looks amazing doing it!

Withstands Extreme Stress

Even if smashed or whacked, your emergency escape tool resists nicks and maintains its quality.

Sleek and Understated

Enjoy the satiny grey finish of your iPad charger, confident it will complement your car’s interior!

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