Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow + Back Support Cushion

Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow + Back Support Cushion

  • BOOTY AND BACK SUPPORT – Recover your rump with the BBL recovery pillow set that also has your back!
  • RECOVER COMFORTABLY – Your BBL recovery pillow transfers pressure to the thighs so you can sit down!
  • FIRM SUPPORT – The YesIndeed BBL wedge pillow holds up to 100 kilos/220 pounds without collapsing!
  • BONUS BAG – Don’t let surgery slow you down. On the go, store your pillow in a FREE drawstring bag!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Put your energy into feeling better with your risk-free post-op pillow!


You Have to SEAT it to Believe it!

YesIndeed understands your booty needs a BBL support pillow, but not at the expense of comfort! No one wants to sit in a stiff seat for weeks, and with your post BBL surgery pillow, you won’t have to. When you sit on your Brazilian butt lift pillow after surgery, the seat props up your bottom, while magical memory foam and a velvety exterior provide softness!


Fit for any seat

The cushion and backrest dimensions are adapted to any type of chair, armchair, sofa.

Our unique backrest comes with a strap that stretches and stays in place


At home, in the car, on the plane, in the office, anywhere

After your surgery you will take the pillow with you wherever you go

That's why we attach a carrying case to you

You can continue your routine, enjoy the results, and forget about the pain


Unique customized design recommended by surgeons

We like ‘em round, too! Rounded divots on our BBL wedge pillow accommodates the contours of your body, you can sit comfortably with most of the pressure focused on your thighs — not your glutes! Without this pressure, you can fully recover and finally show off those chic new cheeks!


Save Your Tush Recovery Time and Trouble!

Why let a surgery stop you from going out? Since our pillow weighs less than 2 pounds, you can take your BBL booty pillow with you as a portable BBL driving pillow or even a plane pillow! At just 16.5x7.4x4.3”, your post surgery pillow slides into an airplane seat! Traveling to and fro couldn’t be more convenient with YesIndeed’s complete pillow kit! Your BBL cushion pillow includes a FREE pillow bag with drawstrings for traveling!


The Pillow BBL Patients Rely On? YesIndeed.

Unlike BBL donut pillows and BBL back pillows that don’t transfer body weight off of your bum, YesIndeed’s does!

The firm, yet comfortable pillow supports anyone recovering from a Brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation, and other delicate sitting-forbidding surgeries!

Everyone needs a BBL pillow after derrieres repairs, and sitting is temporarily off limits. Count on YesIndeed’s butt pillow to give your booty the break it needs! Our entire line of heavenly soft foam products proves that we always strike a perfect balance of comfort and quality.

We’ve got your backside!


You can easily wash and use again

You can easily remove the cover

Wash and return to use quickly

The materials we use are of excellent quality

Therefore, the cover will be able to go through many washings without losing its color and shape


Your Rear Can Rest Here

So, you decided to add some beautiful Brazilian bump to your rump? Great! But who knew you’d find yourself longing for a comfortable seat after your procedure? Rest carefully and easily with our BBL foam pillow! Our special BBL donut pillows are made just for you so you can rest easy without pressure on your backside. Now that you know your tail needs a break after BBL, look no further than YesIndeed!


Healthy & Pain-Free Butt Lift Recovery

Super-comfortable, ergonomic and doctor-recommended support for butt & thighs

A unique shape for all women, thick & firm but not hard or stiff

Free discreet cover/carry bag included

$79.99 Regular Price
$75.99Sale Price
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