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Portable Neck and Shoulder Massager

  • SKIP THE SPA – Massage muscle pain away and dive into relaxation with YesIndeed's at-home massager!
  • NOT JUST FOR NECKS – Some electric massagers only knead necks, but YesIndeed relieves pain anywhere
  • 4 THERAPEUTIC MODES – Personalize your massage with 4-modes of deep-tissue massage and healing heat!
  • MASSAGE ON THE MOVE – Need to knead on the go? Your portable massager includes car and outlet plugs!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Can you enjoy a life of relief with this premium massaging device? YesIndeed.

So Long, Soreness

Stiff, sore, and strained neck and shoulder muscles make working, exercising, and even sitting unbearable. Don’t suffer any longer. With the Neck and Shoulder Massager by YesIndeed, you’re just 5 minutes away from mitigating your pain and entering a state of total relaxation. Simply plug it in, place it on your neck, and then use the handles to target exactly where it hurts. Adjust the pressure of your unique, Shiatsu deep tissue massaging arms to target tense spots and tender muscles, while melting stress away. Say “YesIndeed” to eliminating your muscle pain!


Massage Into Health

Not only are tense muscles agonizing, but stiffness in the neck can also decrease blood flow to the brain, resulting in dizziness, fatigue, and even poor sleep. Promote healthy blood flow for a healthy body and brain with the therapy massager that also:

● Reduces stress

● Increases your range of motion

● Lessens headaches

● Supports healthy brain function

● Decreases your chance of pulling a muscle


Triple action

This unique massager is the only one:

  • Massaging your neck
  • Massaging your shoulder blades
  • Warms the neck area

And all at the same time


Stay in Control of Your Massages

Easily pick the perfect mode for you and your muscles by using the control panel with indicator lights! Then use the hand-like massagers to find the exact angle and pressure your muscles crave


Total-Body Relief from the Comfort of Your Home

Muscle pain doesn’t just reside in your neck and shoulders. Get a soothing massage from head to toe with the shiatsu massager that does it all. Massage your abdomen, waist, legs, back, and even your feet for full-body relief without a trip to the masseuse.


Just Wipe Dirt Away!

Keeping your shoulder-and-neck massager clean couldn’t be easier. Simply wipe away dirt or sweat with a soft, dry towel or damp cloth dipped in mild detergent.


Melt Stress and Pain Away with YesIndeed

After a long working day

Or after a workout at the gym

Ten minutes of massage in the neck and shoulder areas

With Yesindeed's advanced massager

Relieve all the tension and pain you have accumulated throughout the day


Relax, It’s Just a Gift

Know someone who needs to unwind?

Give them the gift of everyday relaxation with a present from YesIndeed!

All this neck massager needs is a bow because it already arrives in an elegant package.

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