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Natural Lemon Grass Toothpaste Whitening (3 Pack)

Natural Lemon Grass Toothpaste Whitening (3 Pack)

  • Effective Cleaning – all-natural ingredients of this toothpaste naturally and effectively whiten and clean your teeth, reduce plaque, remove calcium build-up and leave you feeling fresher than ever.
  • Promoting Oral Health – this toothpaste reduces the risk of gingivitis, protects from fungus and decay, prevents cavities, reduces gums bleeding and effectively refreshes your breath with its original herbal mint flavor.
  • Concentrated, non-foamy toothpaste is particularly effective in quickly dealing with gum inflammation and providing fast pain relief.
  • Gentle on Your Teeth – due to its unique all-natural ingredients the toothpaste is ideal for people with sensitive teeth and makes brushing your teeth a calm, relaxing and pleasant experience.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients – Israel-made toothpaste contains a unique soothing mix of 65% Dead Sea salts mineral and oral essential oils, calcium carbonate, magnesium, glycerol, honey, lavender oil, whitening lemongrass oil, orange oil and tea tree oil. Fluoride-free.
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